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Hey (echo)
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
What are you all up to? Just been chatting with emmacmf and lamenting the loss of our little LJ community. It was such fun here. I've said a while back that I would commit more time to posting and checking in on people, but I'm mostly posting into a void when I do, I think, and RL got up over my head there again, as it tends to do.

But let's hang out! Who's in?

-what have you been doing?
-how's life?
-any recent fandom inspiration?
-Cursed Child, am I right??

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* I've been working on two novels and doing some freelance writing to avoid looking for a new job after being made redundant. I've got a few more months before anything gets urgent, so we'll see how we go ;-)
* Not working full time is marvellous! Though now I fully realise how naughty my littlest cat is.
* Seeing everybody's reactions to Cursed Child has been great. Shari's blow-by-blow account reeled me in and made me feel as though I was there with her.
* You're so right :-)

How have you been?

Novels, huzzah! That's awesome. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year and I'm scared. I've had a novel in mind for like forever, but I can't make myself just get it out on paper. I do feel kinda sheepish about it anyway because it feels like everyone I know is writing a novel and every one of them will be better and more completed at the end of November than mine ha.

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