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I'm so late to the Hunger Games party, but...
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
...who has read those books and what did you think, overall? I think the culmination of my crush on Jennifer Lawrence, added on to the fact that several of my friends have been extras in the films, and then piled atop the fact that the most recent film ended with a cliffhanger that made me realize I was sort of shipping Katniss and Peeta... Well, all that compounded, and I had a few Audible credits, so I worked through the series over a couple of weeks and I have thoughts! So many!

What about you guys? Likes? Dislikes?

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My son ADORES!!

Peeta is his absolute hero. He has the "Real or not real" quote above his bed.

Katpee and Peenis are awesome smoosh names.

I think that was some awesome back-of-neck acting when Peeta heard her come into the room.

So bloody much better than Divergent.

Well, that's adorable. I really love Peeta as well.

My main thought, after finishing the series, was that I kind of ended up hating Katniss. I have come around on a few things with her, but I was basically annoyed with her from the point that the most recent film ends through to the end of the final book. A lot of her decisions seemed odd and uncharacteristic, or at least not fluid with the way I thought the story was going. Some of that could be my own fault, considering I had sort of developed my expectations after seeing all of the films through the first part of Mockingjay.

Overall, I like her as a character much better in the films because when you are inside her head, as you are in the books, given that they are first person, she comes across in a way that's more selfish and less understandable. She gets a little OCC, in my opinion.

I think she should have shot Gale as he was dragged away, near the end of their stupid expedition into the Capitol, because she promised.

Also, I loathed Prim, so thought it was (a) funny when she died and (b) a waste of teh whole Volunteering thing, because they could have just let her die in the 74th.

Yeah, reading the books first I suppose you don't mind her being selfish, because you HAVE been in her head.

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