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A few things
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint


What's been happening...

1. So I know I'm way behind, but is anybody else obsessed with I'm Alan Partridge?? It's so great. We watched Knowing Me, Knowing You several years ago and just got around to this treat. I actually wept from laughing on episode 2 or 3 from series 1... Alan in bed with the lady from his office...

2. This picture.

...which has been my inspirational iPhone background for quite a while now.

3. Attempting and failing to have our house ready for a party one year since purchasing it. That deadline passed in April. Oops.

4. This picture.

I just love him. More than I should at this point.

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You ARE amazing :)

I'm way excite to see the Alan Partrige movie :)
We've never seen any of the show, but we loved The Trip so much that we need more Steve Coogan.

You can imagine how I feel about both those pics.

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