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Hi, anybody who's still out here.
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
1. I saw Cursed Child over a month ago, and it was better than anything I could have hoped, but I'm Keeping the Secrets, at least until the play comes out in print on the 31st!

2. I've missed everybody here even more than usual lately. There's been a small amount of activity, so I'm trying to join in and keep the momentum going!

3. I've been in a deep creative rut recently and want to pull myself out. Not quite sure when or what I'll do when I emerge, but I at least feel a bit more inspired now than I have in months.


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I am around, a bit... but then I saw you a few weeks ago, so you probably don't care...

...excpet that you saw me and Ron and I saw you and Ron.


Ha, "you saw me and Ron and I saw you and Ron" - that's a joyful sentence.

I miss him so much. And you, of course. And you & Ron.

Nice to see you! I'm finding that tumblr is a bit more active than LJ - there are many there who love R/Hr as much as we do, so I've been trying to be more active there so as not to lose out on fandom altogether.

We all go through those ruts, so I hope you come out of it soon!

tumblr is way more active, yeah... but it's just so hard for me to sort through the clutter there. I really don't like going through my feed very much, personally. But it's okay - at least there is activity!

I've been writing a lot recently - not posting much, but writing! How about you? I feel like I've seen some FFN alerts recently!

Yeah, there's a lot I don't like about tumblr, but it seems to be all we've got these days! I've got a couple of fics in the pipeline which I'm hoping to have done for the R/Hr week of hpshipweeks on tumblr at the end of Sept.

Ironically, one of them is a story I think I'd promised to write for your birthday a few years back, sorry, lol! It seems to be turning into my first multi-chapter, so we'll see how that goes. The other is a missing moment from Shell Cottage, with an angle I don't think I've ever read before.

Meanwhile, aloemilk is churning out a novel-length fic at a far faster pace than anything I write!

How are things going with you? It's nice to see you a bit more active again!

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