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Tonight, Ron
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
Instantly distracted tonight as Rifftrax (three dudes do a live commentary track of jokes over a film) begins with a joke about Ron Weasley fanfic: "erotic as hell."

To be honest, I didn't hear the next ten minutes...

That's all I've got. Hope you are all doing awesome!

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Mst3k boys giving mad props to Ron's prowess?!

It's like that feeling you get when two public figures you admire turn out to be friends :)

*thinks of Ben Whishaw holding Rupert Grint's hand*

Hi!! I'm responding to all my old comments and such and found this entry and was happy all over again. I love those MST3K guys :D

OMG Ben Whishaw & Rupert. Such a good RL shippy crush.

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