Tonight, Ron
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Instantly distracted tonight as Rifftrax (three dudes do a live commentary track of jokes over a film) begins with a joke about Ron Weasley fanfic: "erotic as hell."

To be honest, I didn't hear the next ten minutes...

That's all I've got. Hope you are all doing awesome!

Clean - Fic - Ron/Hermione
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
Title: Clean
Rating: I am absolute shit at ratings. R?
Words: 4,259
Summary: Ron asks Hermione to stand watch, while he bathes outside. Mid-DH, post-locket.
Warnings: I tried to be clever in my Tumblr post and not explain exactly what the sexual warning is... Just take it as given that this is adult-y.

Read here!

I just...
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...spent 20 mins writing an A/N for an upcoming chapter fic update. What.

Also, I've rediscovered my fantasies revolving around TIGHT black jeans (thank you, Rupert Grint)...

Annnnnd I just saw an advert about Sherlock coming back for more eps! I have to get my act together and watch the last two or three that I never got to!

Oh oh. Also. I just discovered that the word "omnishambles" is all kinds of legit now, thanks to The Thick of It. Gosh, I love that show.

Tumblr? Undecided.
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I miss you guys. If you've migrated to tumblr, want to be friends there, too? I'm trademarkblue over there, and I have mixed feelings about the format. I hate that you can't comment on something without reblogging it. You then find yourself with a series of repeated chunks of text on your page, just for the sake of carrying on a conversation with someone...

But there is activity over there, at least.

*giant group squish*

Is this thing on?
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So I finally logged into my account this morning, after who knows how long, and my app tells me there is literally nothing in my friends feed. What? Is my app playing a joke on me? Or are you guys really all gone? Like, you've all vanished!

Someone send up a flare!

I'm so late to the Hunger Games party, but...
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...who has read those books and what did you think, overall? I think the culmination of my crush on Jennifer Lawrence, added on to the fact that several of my friends have been extras in the films, and then piled atop the fact that the most recent film ended with a cliffhanger that made me realize I was sort of shipping Katniss and Peeta... Well, all that compounded, and I had a few Audible credits, so I worked through the series over a couple of weeks and I have thoughts! So many!

What about you guys? Likes? Dislikes?

A few things
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What's been happening...

1. So I know I'm way behind, but is anybody else obsessed with I'm Alan Partridge?? It's so great. We watched Knowing Me, Knowing You several years ago and just got around to this treat. I actually wept from laughing on episode 2 or 3 from series 1... Alan in bed with the lady from his office...

2. This picture.

...which has been my inspirational iPhone background for quite a while now.

3. Attempting and failing to have our house ready for a party one year since purchasing it. That deadline passed in April. Oops.

4. This picture.

I just love him. More than I should at this point.

My response to The Article
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So far, it's been lots of grumbling... and comfort Oreos.

I will keep you posted if I progress to eating cake frosting directly from the jar...

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So. Is gruyere cheese really supposed to be this salty?? I mean I've had gruyere before, surely, but this particular one I just tried pretty much tastes like a smoky, cheese flavoured slice of congealed salt...

I realize this is pretty much a oncelikeshari exclusive post...

But really.

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Why won't the post office deliver a t-shirt to my house without me having to be there to sign for it?

Why does filming a horror movie for 12 hours on a Sunday make me feel like I have strep throat on Monday?

Why are things that used to be fun kind of feeling like uncomfortable chores?

Why did I think lifting 50lbs at the gym, with my non-existent chest muscles, was a good plan?

Why does my iPhone know to autocorrect "sbyialf" to "actually" but it can't handle "haga" to "haha"? It really thinks "haga" is a thing...

Why did someone hire Evan Rachel Wood to speak in a very poor Russian accent for that Charlie Countryman film?

I'm gonna go get myself some coffee...


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