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I'm so late to the Hunger Games party, but...
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
...who has read those books and what did you think, overall? I think the culmination of my crush on Jennifer Lawrence, added on to the fact that several of my friends have been extras in the films, and then piled atop the fact that the most recent film ended with a cliffhanger that made me realize I was sort of shipping Katniss and Peeta... Well, all that compounded, and I had a few Audible credits, so I worked through the series over a couple of weeks and I have thoughts! So many!

What about you guys? Likes? Dislikes?

A few things
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint


What's been happening...

1. So I know I'm way behind, but is anybody else obsessed with I'm Alan Partridge?? It's so great. We watched Knowing Me, Knowing You several years ago and just got around to this treat. I actually wept from laughing on episode 2 or 3 from series 1... Alan in bed with the lady from his office...

2. This picture.

...which has been my inspirational iPhone background for quite a while now.

3. Attempting and failing to have our house ready for a party one year since purchasing it. That deadline passed in April. Oops.

4. This picture.

I just love him. More than I should at this point.

My response to The Article
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint

So far, it's been lots of grumbling... and comfort Oreos.

I will keep you posted if I progress to eating cake frosting directly from the jar...

harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint

So. Is gruyere cheese really supposed to be this salty?? I mean I've had gruyere before, surely, but this particular one I just tried pretty much tastes like a smoky, cheese flavoured slice of congealed salt...

I realize this is pretty much a oncelikeshari exclusive post...

But really.

harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint

Why won't the post office deliver a t-shirt to my house without me having to be there to sign for it?

Why does filming a horror movie for 12 hours on a Sunday make me feel like I have strep throat on Monday?

Why are things that used to be fun kind of feeling like uncomfortable chores?

Why did I think lifting 50lbs at the gym, with my non-existent chest muscles, was a good plan?

Why does my iPhone know to autocorrect "sbyialf" to "actually" but it can't handle "haga" to "haha"? It really thinks "haga" is a thing...

Why did someone hire Evan Rachel Wood to speak in a very poor Russian accent for that Charlie Countryman film?

I'm gonna go get myself some coffee...

harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint

Oh guh, I've been bad at LJ-ing...

So many things right now, I'm not sure what to post!

Rupert's been on stage and I'm stuck in America and I basically weep with happy every time anything is posted anywhere about it because he looks perfect and people love him and I'm so excited for him and the whole thing happened so fast... *sniff*

Dan's about to be in 7 million films. And Rupert's got a chunk coming out, too, and I just need a full weekend with nothing to do but look at him (and Dan) in all the moments I've missed.

And then, this photo.

His HANDS and EYES. *cant blink*

Guys, I miss you. *LJ group hug*

Finally, an LJ app on the iPhone I just bought secondhand. Maybe it'll stick this time, the whole being back on LJ thing :)

Friends only...
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
So I'm in the process of making my journal friends only, including past entries. If you want to read, become my friend :) Just letting everybody know in case someone isn't on my flist but wants to continue to read my journal.

UPDATE: Have to add something HP related here... Hm. Anybody have a sugar quill in Orlando?? They apparently turn your mouth all inky! Awesome :)

Scotland vs. Orlando
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
Well, I'm finally back from Edinburgh where I spent the last (absolutely fantastic) week. I saw Wild Target, ate twice at the cafe where Harry Potter began, RANDOMLY ran into my favourite musician at an art college, and drank some of the best mocha I've ever had. I watched the UK's version of reality TV during the few short dark hours of the night, got to wear light sweaters in the evenings, got an ice cream from a van that could have been Rupert's only it was white, and ate quiche after quiche after quiche...

That all sounds just grand, and yeah, I'm so glad I went. It was amazing, I want to move there, everyone was so lovely, the weather was brilliant...


I get back home and what do I discover...

While I've been off enjoying a milder climate and smiling as Rupert Grint and Martin Freeman show up on the cinema screen simultaneously...

...Orlando has been kicking everything else's ass! Come on, guys!

Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe enjoyed some Butterbeer in Harry Potter land.
Rupert and Oliver Phelps sang karaoke.
All sorts of news items, interviews and pictures surfaced online.

The only comfort I can take in all of this is from this image:

Imagine sweating to death...

...and from the fact that I made it back in time for the unveiling of the new trailer on Monday.

So, did anyone go to the Grand Opening??

With another new trailer comes another desktop background...
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
So yeah, continuing my tradition of creating, in 10 minutes or less, a desktop background for any new trailer or teaser released, here you have my newest one for the MTV aired trailer...

...delayed because I was actually too busy at work for once to do this and my computer at home is not very accepting of the idea to include Photoshop in its list of things it can handle.

Deathly Hallows MTV Trailer Desktop Background

I decided not to put the black bars between the vertical lines this time. I think it turned out alright like that... and once again, under 10 minutes of production time went into this. It's really just so I can look at screenshots all day...


Music and HP Mashups Part 4
harry potter, emma watson, rupert grint
So I may not be back on here until Monday. I have a busy filming weekend scheduled and a fantastic concert to go to tonight!

...then on Tuesday I leave the country for a week!!! So I'll be a flaky poster until the 23rd or so :(

I figured I'd leave you all for the weekend with another musical post, inspired by HP, stream of consciousness thoughts:

Let's kick it off with one of my favourite songs:

Well, the first thing that came to mind was that bit in Deathly Hallows where Ron wants Hermione to stay back at Grimmauld Place (so she'll be safe) while he and Harry go to the Ministry. It's such a sweet scene :) So that leads to... Ron feeling nervous about Hermione being out with them and in danger. Sometimes he forgets how much danger they are really facing, but then he thinks about it and realizes that anything could happen at any time. They aren't invincible even though they have put up all their shields and protections, even though they haven't been attacked yet. They never really know what might happen... and so he can't let his guard down anymore... just in case she needs him.

In another way, this is sort of like the 'wall' they have both put up around their hearts against how they feel. But now Ron wants to break through it, letting the 'danger' in, even though it's easier to remain guarded and not let anything in... because in the end, if he opens up to her, he's vulnerable not just to good things but the bad ones as well... rejection, heartbreak, etc.

They're all heading straight for the end of their mission, moving on and on... there are those who they can trust and those they can't and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. But they have to persevere no matter what so they can win. It would be so easy to give up and rest, but they have to believe that they'll make it if they just keep on going.

The things they left behind are haunting them and making it even harder to go on because they just want those things back, want to be happy and whole again... specifically Harry who had to choose to leave Ginny behind.

But it's hopeful because the moment it's all over, everything will be perfect and bright again. They often dream of how it will be, and this inspires them to keep moving.

Another of my favourite songs :) ...

They know there is a risk to what they are doing, but they abandon all they know anyway. They leave home and head into mystery, moving away from everything familiar. Evil is taking over, but they are pressing on... Similar to that last song I guess... well, they have a similar feel to them! :)

I also sort of thought about the three (or four if you include Ginny) of them leaving town spontaneously for another adventure after Voldemort is dead. They go off on their own yet again, but not to face evil this time... just for an adventure. I can't really imagine any of them being content to sit around at home for long. They crave excitement a bit like a drug, particularly Harry :)

That's it for today! Have a great weekend, everybody!!

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